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Information Regarding Bookings, Prices and Charges 

  • GST: Charges are inclusive of GST where applicable.
  • Refund policy: If lessons are paid in advance and are not taken, a refund will be given. However, late cancellation will receive a penalty depending on how close to the booking this occurs.
  • Lesson Duration: Lessons are 1 or 2 hours, sometimes if there is time a lesson may go for longer with no additional cost.
  • Rural areas: Unfortunately we do not travel to rural areas. For students from these areas the meeting point is the parking area behind the Palmerston Bus Depot.
  • Car hire for MVR test: Current students - we reserve the right to decline the hire of a car for the MVR test if we feel you are not ready. We hire training cars for tests if the student has done a minimum of three or more lessons with us beforehand. (Some exceptions may be considered)
  • DriveSafe NT Vouchers: have a value of $40+GST and can only be redeemed by Registered DriveSafe NT Instructors.
    Vouchers are NOT transferable between students and are NOT valid after the expiry date. Exipired vouchers will be replaced with a new Voucher.
  • Cancellation of lessons: without reasonable notice will invoke a penalty.
    The Conditions for Registered DriveSafe Instructors state that one DriveSafe Voucher may be forfeited if the student does not give at least 24 hours notice. (We don't usually impose this if there is a valid reason e.g. sickness).
    The Conditions also state that if the instructor cannot attend the lesson, the student must be notified as soon as practicable. We will do our best to comply with this clause.

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